Study of “La petite poule rousse”

In class we are studding the book “La petite poule rousse”
The children made their own wheat plantations in their little pot, then watered and sunned.
Look how well it grows up

Croissance du blé PS MS 2017

In the context of the study of the album, instead of making bread like the little red hen (La petite poule rousse), we made a cake.
Even though it was a bit burnt it was pretty good and everyone liked it!

la gallette PS MS 2017

Trip to Smart Eco Park Ce2 and GS 2017

The children had a great time from the start of the trip till the moment we returned to school. They gained tremendous knowledge on various topics.
Ce2 children enjoyed every single activity from finding their way out of a maze. To understanding what is water purification,filtration.

They learned how to work in big groups with adults. Then about having an eco friendly city such saving water,pollution,etc. Moving on to plantation and making your own plant. Also understanding what is electricity and how do we get it.

Last we went on to taking care of domestic animals and understanding how do we get milk from cows and how cow dung is used for a lot of purposes in villages.
The children enjoyed petting the goat and washing them.
Smart Eco Park GS CE2 Janvier 2017

Diwali Celbration

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere.
It spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. (Continue Reading)

See how kids enjoyed Diwali preparation and celebration at School.




CP Diwali 2016

In Ce2, Cm1 & Cm2

CE2 - CM1 - CM2 Diwali 2016

In Gs and Ce2 (english section)

GS - CE2 English Diwali 2016

CE2 English – GS celebrate Ganpati

To celebrate this lovely occasion, we decided to make it more colorful by coloring and then sticking the petals of the flowers.

Ganpati CE2-English 2016-2017

We went to a friend’s house to see how Ganpati is celebrated. We heard the story of Ganpati,saw how aarti is done. We enjoyed the small snacks and the best of all having a delicious traditional sweet called Modak.

Ganpati II CE2 & GS