The Adventures of Captain Barr

During the month of march 2017, the students of cycle 3 received an enigmatic letter requesting to follow the traces of a pirate: Captain Barr.

The adventure brought the pupils to Matheran, where they spent three days gathering information and collecting clues, to finally write down the first sketches of what will become a book: “The Adventures of Captain Barr”. Click HERE to download the book (7MB).

We are proud of introducing the long awaited film, showing the discoveries and mysteries of the adventure:

Click HERE to download the video.


In collaboration with INTUIT LAB the student of year 9 an year 10 participated to the contest: ” “Illustrate your vision of the hand(s). We have 2 winners at the EFIB Jasmine 3rd place and Seraphin 1st place

Les mains - EFIB 2017


Me and my hands

New technique in art class : Charcoal

src=”” width=”640″ height=”640″ alt=”moi et mes mains 6e-5e 2017″>