A very special feature of the French system is that it offers education to children as young as two years of age. 
The objectives of the pre-primary school program are for your child to acquire a rich oral language, to learn to socialize, to exercise their motor skills and to begin sensory, emotional, relational and intellectual development.

To meet the diverse needs of young children, EFIB encourages learning through games, arts and crafts, and songs, all of which help to contribute to the development of their personality and cultural awakening. A solid academic foundation also begins in the pre-primary program with the introduction of early numeracy skills as well as phonics training and literacy. These early foundations are in both English and French.
The teachers focus on making children comfortable with a new language and ensure that each one of them is given both, a schedule and the autonomy to live his own experiences and yet foster the acquisition of knowledge.
The Pre-Primary structures its program in five main domains, each one of them being essential to the development of the child and to the foundation for their learning. Each one of these domains complements each other in the acquisition of language skills and anchors its use in authentic communication.
  1. Language at the heart of all learning
  2. Living together
  3. Acting and expressing yourself through your body
  4. Discovering the World
  5. Sensibility, imagination and creation

At EFIB, five teachers helped by five pre-primary assistants work actively towards creating a comfortable learning environment which fosters solidarity and ensures that all children are properly catered for. 

Beginning of the next school year, the classrooms will be structured as follows:
  • A TPS - PS class led by David in French and Anshu in English
  • A MS class under the responsibility of Vaidehi in French and Matilda in English
  • A GS class under the responsibility of Amrita in French and Matilda in English
Twice a year, parents are invited to speak about their children's progress and receive the official grading booklets, which evaluate the acquisition of knowledge and competencies as described in the official programs of the French National Education. 

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