The buddy reading sessions

Every Monday’s at EFIB, we have a buddy reading session between the CM2 & CP/ CE 1. Here is what the CM 2 have to say about the session : 

Every Monday we read to the CP and CE1. Normally I choose an easy book may be 20 pages and if we don’t have time I take a shorter one. I think it is a little difficult for the CP to understand but CE1 can understand the main parts of the book. It’s helping them to improve their listening skills and helping us in improving our tone and oral communication skills when we read.  

–      Georgio Kevin Jabre (CM2)

Every Monday, we CM 2 go to read to the CP/ CE 1 and vice versa. We help them read and also read a few books to them. I like reading funny books to them so that they enjoy listening. I learned to read stories with a better intonation so that they can understand better. If there are difficult words, I explain it to them with gestures or in French. If we have time , I ask them questions about the story. We always have a fabulous time.

_ Clemence (CM2)

I like the buddy reading session with CE 1 & CP. I think that it has helped me a lot and them too. They can be very understanding and they do ask a lot of questions. They are always eager to know what happens next in a story. I like to choose  either Sci-Fi’s or fiction books. A book that CE 1 read to me that I liked very much was a book on robots. Every week they improve at reading. They get very excited when it is their turn to read.

–      Myeisha (CM2)