French education system

French Education System open to Multilingualism
EFIB is a private institution under the Indian governing laws. The school is overseen by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a part of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The curriculum taught at the school abide to the official programs of the French national education, recognized by the AEFE network of schools (more than 495 institutions in over 137 countries) and all French schools in France.

AEFE and Bilingualism
EFIB welcomes students and teachers of different nationalities. The School stresses the importance English language learning from pre-primary school. Support teaching is offered for both, French students with little English knowledge and non French students with little French background. The school is open to multilingualism.

The school follows the educational programs, as set by the “Official Guidelines for the French National Education”, which guarantees its students the possibility of continuing schooling in France in all public or private institutions and in all other recognized French schools abroad. Furthermore, the French diploma “Baccalaureat Français” is recognized almost everywhere in the world.

The EFIB is linked to the AEFE school network zone “MOPI” (Middle East and India), which includes all French institutions in the area. The public inspector for the National Education and resident in Abu Dhabi ensures the coherence of all the MOPI based schools.