6 to 11 YEARS OLD

Your child’s first formal learning experiences will be perfectly balanced, rich in content, exploration and social development.

The elementary school is organized into two distinct cycles :

  • A foundation learning cycle of the CP and CE1
  • A cycle of further understanding of the foundation elements in the CE2, CM1 and CM2

Students benefit from a 100% bilingual education, with equal weight given to the French and to the English language. The program entirely covers of the knowledge and competencies that need to be acquired according to the French Ministry of National Education.

In addition to the regular teachers in the classrooms, two other teachers are available part-time:

  • One specialized in French as a Foreign Language (FFL) to help Non-French speaking pupils to rapidly integrate in the class.
  • Another one specializing in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to help support the Non-English speaker students.

Students are also given the opportunity to qualify for the internationally recognized Cambridge University English Exam, which are organized by the British Council. This is specially important for the families who wish to send their children to an English speaking school when they leave Mumbai.

CP and CE1
The main objectives of CP / 1st grade and CE1 / 2nd grade are to amplify the foundational skills acquired in the pre-primary school. Children in CP and CE1 learn to read and write while they continue to hone their speaking and listening skills. They begin to learn the importance of literacy and develop a love of literature through exploring children’s classics. Children also take numeracy skills forward. They begin their exploration of their world by conducting scientific experiments, the study of geography and history; including civic reflections to support an essential openness to the world.

CE2, CM1 and CM2
The mastery of a language and mathematics are the key objectives of CE2 / 3rd grade ,CM1 / 4th grade , and CM2 / 5th grade. Focus is equally given to history, geography, science and arts:both music and visual.Showing autonomy and personal initiative are encouraged in all areas allowing each individual student to gain confidence and personal effectiveness.

Key Learning Areas :

  • English
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sciences
  • Music and Arts

Pupils are continuously evaluated. Thrice a year, the children’s bulletins are shared with the parents and the progress is discussed individually.