Other levels

11 to 18 YEARS
An educational program is dedicated to other levels, with worldwide validity and an internationally recognized Diploma, in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Students from 5ième to Final Year (not applicable for 6ième) are enrolled at the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED). They work on their lessons at school and are supervised by four secondary teachers with strong qualifications and a solid university background. These teachers help them organize their time, advise and help them understanding their courses. They also serve as the administrative liaison with CNED including sending and receiving homework corrected by teachers in France and sign in students for the French national examinations, which are the equivalent to the college and baccalaureate titles.

Thanks to this system (the CNED), students can follow the French education program. This tutorial atmosphere encourages peer learning and allows students to develop their personality in a safe and encouraging environment. Students also enjoy regular cultural outings and social events.