Multilingualism is at the Heart of Learning

EFIB offers students of both English and French, extra support to learn their second language which is offered in a number of different ways

2016-2017 : Cambridge exam certification at the EFIB

2017-2018 : experimentation of full bilingualism in cycle 3 (Year 5, Year 6, Year 7)

Prospective of a Spanish certification for the coming year

Homework Help
Extra-curricular support with homework for those students whose family entourage is non French or non English.

Language Workshops
Students from the CP to the CM2 are grouped according to their proficiency levels and attend 45 min workshops thrice a week. These workshops aim at being creative and conversational.

Kindergarten Dedicated Support
The jump from KG to Year 2 is considerable in terms of the curriculum to be covered and the educational objectives. In order to prepare the students of KG section for this progression, EFIB offer students, starting January each academic year, personal support in preparing themselves to enter the Year 2 class at an adequate level of English or French. These support courses are arranged during school time.