Les chroniques littéraires de l’EFIB

Dans le cadre de notre voyage en littérature, nous avons visité plusieurs genres littéraires.

Après avoir travaillé ensemble sur la notion de critique littéraire, les enfants sont devenus chroniqueurs radiophoniques, prenez le temps d’écouter leurs avis sur radio EFIB


SOS collège en danger



Contes du monde



Le petit prince



Vérité, vérité chérie



Star Wars



Un voeux très spécial



La citadelle du vertige



Les dragons de Nalsara






Charlie et la chocolaterie



Detectives du temps



Au secours mon frère est un ado



La petite fille au kimono rouge





Le club de 5 au sports d’hiver

La patience (Art 4e)

In Art class, the student work on the subject : “Patience”

The observer will say “oh, how patient he/she had to be to do that”

Perception of an image, relation with the observer
Patience Art 4e 2016

City VS Country CE2 English

The activity was about children deciding whether they would want to live in a country or town a rural or a urban township.
They were split in groups based on the township they choose to live in.
The groups had a debate to convince and prove their point to show which would be a better township.

Diwali Celbration

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere.
It spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. (Continue Reading)

See how kids enjoyed Diwali preparation and celebration at School.




CP Diwali 2016

In Ce2, Cm1 & Cm2

CE2 - CM1 - CM2 Diwali 2016

In Gs and Ce2 (english section)

GS - CE2 English Diwali 2016

Activities CE2 English

Telephone Sentence Game

The children sat in circle and were asked to whisper a sentence to the person on the left or right. In the middle the person can change a word from the sentence but not the entire sentence. If they change the entire sentence they would be penalised. At the end the last person has to guess who could have changed the sentence.

Read Aloud

The children are asked to read Aloud a paragraph each followed by whole class discussion on the reading.

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CE2 English – GS celebrate Ganpati

To celebrate this lovely occasion, we decided to make it more colorful by coloring and then sticking the petals of the flowers.

Ganpati CE2-English 2016-2017

We went to a friend’s house to see how Ganpati is celebrated. We heard the story of Ganpati,saw how aarti is done. We enjoyed the small snacks and the best of all having a delicious traditional sweet called Modak.

Ganpati II CE2 & GS

L’heure du crime

The Ce1 / Ce2 present “L’HEURE DU CRIME” an EFIB super production realized by the kids, the parents, the teachers and directed by Karima !!!

Get your pop corns and enjoy the show :)