Welcome message of the principal

I would like to personally welcome you to the The French International School of Bombay : EFIB,

EFIB is registered in a unique worldwide school network

The EFIB, a public establishment under the administrative control of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which hosts and operates French education abroad with a second mission of assuring the continuity of educating French children outside our borders and contributing to the diffusion of the language and French culture abroad. This unique worldwide network accounts for 480 establishments which accommodates more than 310000 students in 130 countries. The quality and uniformity of teaching dispensed in these establishments as well as the values which are attached constitute the characteristics of this unique worldwide network.

Excellence, Distribution, Influence

The teaching dispensed in French schools abroad is innovative, open to the culture and language of the host country and assures enhanced language teaching of the mother tongue. It prepares students for their future citizenship and participation in open multi-lingual and multi-cultural societies. The establishments of the network call for reconciling a French education and teaching to an international standard, promotion of French and the development of multi-lingualism, a committed education to strive for success and a demand for excellence. The results of students attest to this excellence with a Baccalaureate success rate of 95%, of which 2/3 with distinction.

An asset for France

This educational measure, available in almost all countries and capitals of the world, is recognised as a major player in the French presence abroad. For the acceptance and development of almost 200000 overseas students, it remains a central player for the influence of our culture, our language and our values. This overseas French school network contributes to strengthening relationships of cooperation between the French education system and foreign education systems. Moreover, it actively participates in the promotion of French higher learning and, largely, the attraction of France. Finally, it is a top-notch support policy for the mobility of the French community and the development of international businesses.

It is in this context that the success of each student is a common objective at EFIB.

The whole team is mobilised, each year, to supply fundamental knowledge to each student and help them develop a taste for learning and knowledge. EFIB always actively searches for new premises, more extensive and more favorable, for the education of your children, to better respond to the sights of the school projects, and the actions which we envisage developing.


Yves-Michel Geffroy
School Principal of EFIB